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Rachel Lomeli

A little about me... 

I am an artist… a mom… a wife and a friend... I love light... how it brings out the beauty in everything... how it can change the look of color... the way it wraps around someone so perfectly.  I am a people person … a lover of life... I chase emotion and my dreams... ALWAYS! There’s never enough coffee. My family & photography are the 2 things in this life that fuel my passion! 


I am a lover of real, raw emotion. Stiff awkward poses aren't my thing, so shoots with me involve a lot of movement... lots of pull her in close, look each other in the eyes, breathe each other in, lots of giggles and laughter, the prompts that bring the emotion out, because that's what gives us photos that remind us of how we felt, not just what we looked like.   

I like real people, the combination of a couple in love with real emotions is what motivates me and inspires me the most! Couples that aren’t afraid to get dirty... that aren’t afraid of the rain or the snow! When I am off on a photo shoot I feel completely "In Flow" it excites me and makes me happy.

I love learning about you and your story. I hope to not only be your photographer but to be your friend. I used to joke that I became a photographer to make friends, but the truth is that it happens! Life is so special and I love to be there for you capturing your light in so many ways as you dance your wedding into a blur of amazing moments & emotionsWhen you find out that your expecting and I get to be one of the first to find out! To capturing that baby bump when you come to see me on your babymoon... To holding your beautiful newborn in my hands as I wrap them up and place them in adorable little buckets capturing that first smile... cause we know it’s so not gas! To becoming your family’s life photographer! Getting to be the one that is capturing each and every amazing wow moment for you!

 I am blessed and consider myself one of the most fortunate people in this world, to be able to be around for so many of life's intimate and special moments and to do what I love! All while getting to meet so many different people! YOU are the reason I get to live my best life doing what I love to do for a living and seriously, I don’t take that for granted. Let’s get to know each other and take some photos that I know you’ll love forever and ever! 


A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people. 

— Annie Leibovitz